Episode 4

DLN Game Night, PinePhone Preorder, Nate on Ask Noah, L4E on Living Your Life to the Fullest, openSUSE Name Change Vote, Linus Torvalds No Longer a Programmer, Pinebook Pro and Software for ARM | DLN Xtend


November 17th, 2019

30 mins 19 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode we cover Weekly events, recap the first ever DLN game night, pine over the PinePhone preorder, Nate gives his account of being on the Ask Noah Show, Linux for Everyone's take on Living Your Life to the Fullest and how the Linux community plays a part, openSUSE votes on a name change, Linus Torvalds says he's no longer a programmer, and DasGeek's intial take on the Pinebook Pro and software availability for ARM.

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