Episode 190

Tech Tales and Retro Adventures | Linux Out Loud 92


July 6th, 2024

1 hr 44 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

In Episode 92 of "Linux Out Loud," hosts Matt, Nate, and Wendy dive into tech hijinks and nostalgic nerdiness. Nate shares his VLAN adventures, Wendy battles 3D printing glitches, and Matt geeks out over a new laptop with Linux. They rave about Garuda Linux, dream of an external GPU setup, and gush over open-source projects like the Orange Pie Neo. Retro gaming and DIY projects take center stage, with a splash of nostalgia as Nate reminisces about his Linux journey. The episode wraps with Wendy's creative Blender project and a retro WINAMP-inspired Raspberry Pi setup. Fun, techy, and full of laughs!

Find the rest of the show notes at https://tuxdigital.com/podcasts/linux-out-loud/lol-92/

Contact info
Matt (Twitter @MattTDN)
Wendy (Mastodon @WendyDLN)
Nate (Website CubicleNate.com)