Episode 17

FreeOffice, Kdenlive, AMD Vulnerability, Opensource.Builders, L4E Alan Pope Interview | DLN Xtend


March 15th, 2020

44 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

On DLN Xtend Episode 17, Nate tests FreeOffice and Eric spends some time with Kdenlive.

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Destination Linux talked about the open source document viewer KOReader which peaked Nate's interest and leads to a discussion on e-readers.

Ask Noah brings up the recent news of an AMD vulnerability discovered as part of a study funded by Intel and also the excellent Opensource.Builders website which showcases open source alternatives to common proprietary software.

Jason Evangelho of Linux for Everyone recently interviewed Alan Pope of Canonical and asked some interesting questions. We break down a few of the more interesting aspects of their conversation.

On the DasGeek YouTube channel, Ryan covered using the El Gato Streamdeck Mini with Linux which led Eric to wonder if there was a way to use a general-purpose tablet to do the same thing rather than buying dedicated hardware. Turns out, there is a very easy way to accomplish this with obs-websocket and OBS Tablet Remote. Thanks to Venn Stone of LinuxGameCast for the tutorial.

That's all for this week. Be sure to stop by DLN's Discourse, Telegram, Mumble and Discord servers to continue the discussion. More information about this show and other Destination Linux Network shows and creators (like Eric and Nate for example) is available at destinationlinux.network.

Until next time, see yas!